Temporal Manifestations

Two spheres of time are disclosed within the pneurotic sys[tem]. One manifestation shows an picture of a-temporality in which all events happen simultaneously and all pneuma is preserved in its allness for ever. Regional processors in this kind of region are geared to housing neurotic accretions that have a temporal locatedness and a spatial locatedness. Narps have some choice over over one of these, the other they do not. This Spinozistic manifestation is powerful and seductive (seductive too to pneurosis). There is however something about it that is unsatisfying to the experience of Narps.

As Narps form accretions and more importantly when they re-accrete old structures (and by implication de-accrete the old accretion), they do not like the feeling that the old accretion has not been supplanted but just hides as powerful as it ever was. The time sphere of the present and future are filled with the possibility of the improved accretion, not the endless baggage of the old. Therefore, in manifestation at least the present-and-moving-forwardness-in-time of a Narp shows the old accretion resisting but being dissembled, an actual happening in the pneuma, which can be experience by the Narp’s new interpretation of things. This is interesting because it means the pneuminous accretions are not just a-temporal but also temporal. What suggests their a-temporal nature is the fact that we can access them, unlike umbratically bound pneuma, which may not be accessed without a time-machine.

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