More notes of the Vector Field: Magickal Relevance

Again, the vector field need not exist ever as any kind of prior state of things, it is perfectly cogent to conceive of it after the interpretive event. In this way the conception of the vector field is a kind of epoche.

The vector field is not conceived as one more phenomenology of perception, though in line with the notion that ‘magick completes philosophy’ an account of perception is necessary in a philosophy that includes the magickal manifestation as a possibility.

The vector field enables philosophies (manifestations) that can be compatible or incompatible with a magickally open ontology. The way it deals with this is by saying concepts are attached to vectors rather than using confusing language that identifies the vector with the object.

Identification of word and vector is a kind of possibility but this only occurs in a magickal ontology -it is what secures the metaphysical connection between the two (real designation). In an ontology where the this is not the case Wittgenstein must be admitted as correct as the word then can only mean the use.

Magick is the application of a concept to a vector that would not take it without interference.

The love spell is a classic example of this. The vector here is the one who does not love the lover. ‘That they should love me’ is the concept that the sorcerer seeks to apply to the vector. Success results in the one who did not love the lover now reciprocating (and probably some kind of inevitable tragedy).

The effect of the application of a concept to an unreceptive vector is extremely difficult but if obtaining at all the necessarily taking place at minute levels all the time. What has your desk got to do with a mouse? Nothing, until that connection is formed. But now there is the most tiny pneuminous thread connecting the vector with desk concept attached to the mouse accretion  (the informational form of mice). Indulge this connection and before you know it the line between your desk and mouse will have increased. Such uncontrolled acts of magick can lead to a variety of phenomena, e.g. simple psychological association between desks and mice or mouse related informational interference in the desk area -images, real mice, mice droppings etc.

This process is just the normal process of the relation to the vector field and an extension of the meaning of Crowley’s ‘Every intentional act is a magickal act’. We might rather say every conceptual relation is a magickal act.

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