NARP (Neurotic Accretion Regional Processor).

What is a Narp? It’s a CEO term used basically for the subject, however it’s well overdue a second unpacking as this equivalence is hardly helpful. The term Narp is an acronym for Neurotic Accretion Regional Processor. These terms represent the first synthesis point of mine and Charlie Johns’ philosophy of neurosis and assimilation. In fact the term ‘regional processor’ appears first of all (apart from its earlier telecommunications usage) in my essay ‘Conceptual Animism as Neurosis’, a slightly altered version of which appears here (and the original in ‘The Neurotic Turn’ 2017 Repeater). Here RP is used to describe the brain-body as an entity that is not everywhere but occupies only a ‘region’. Of course the region is not static, the region is mobile, it is however limited and as such a only a region. The term processor buys into the kind of computer-brain comparison, it is there to say that this regional thing can process [information]. The paper make no mention of pneuma, but the idea is similar. Concepts are self animated and interpreted as either roaming free of the RP or as housed within it (magick-obtains v does not obtain). The hints for the possibility of conceptual animism are listed as: the appearance of thoughts in the mind (the facticity of thought), dialectic scepticism (that doubt always can appear of its own accord in relation to any thesis) and informational interference (synchronicity). The first two hint at something resembling Johns notion of neurosis. This is more like an ontological neurosis of the mind. Control over thoughts is illusory. Neurosis is not a pathology, it is just how all thoughts arise including the ones we actually think that we want there.

Accretions are the stuck together bits of pneuma that we call concepts, ideas. Naming words anchor the pneuma together. The neurotic accretion is in a sense the self-accretion. It is the accretion of the name that inhabits the RP. The [proper]name arises neurotically as the name for the whole (the Narp). There is something like a vector-pneuma relation between the neurotic accretion and regional processor. This is not a perfect description as of course regional-processor is still itself an accretion applied to a vector. This heuristic bodily description the RP then, is essentially controlled by the neurotic accretion insofar as the we think of consciousness as controlling the body. The RP has of many activities under its own domain which are to a greater or lesser degree influenced by the NA.

In the biological realm the notion that pneuma affects (at a certain level of animal existence at least) umbra is much stronger than the more dubious magickal disjunction. Very few Narps doubt the notion i) that you can exert some kind of affect upon the body with the mind and ii) that other Narps can affect your body with their pneuminous interactions (they can make you angry, arouse you, embarrass you). The general extension that the ‘magick-obtains’ arm of the disjunction makes is that this is not just true of the Narp-Narp/other RP entity relation, it is also true of the Narp-inanimate things relation. Clearly this raises the issue of at what point do certain RPs become pneuminously receptive, e.g. lower animals and plants? But this point isn’t for today. Here we have to allow for a heuristic sense of the non-autopoetic world as it shows itself: stones, wind, water etc, and bracket off manifestations that suggest these things might equally be autopoetic. This means that not just the accepted living world but also the putatively non-living world vectors can actually be affected by pneuminous accretive plug-ins.

There is a kind of dualism going on in the Narp concept. The dualism is more like a fuzzy division point (like in the above line between higher and lower RPs) between the capacity to form large complex accretions and more automated processes of the body. The former belong to the NA whereas the latter to the RP. Insofar as magick-obtains, the NA is something more like a contingent-soul. It is a fully autonomous accretion with the capacity to leave the RP, indeed it is defaultly connected to the wider pneuminous sphere (which results in pneuminous interference -synchronicity). It was formed in the RP by the various relations the RP spatially held to the other Narps, that is, in relation to the biological-umbratic nature of the RP the NA is created (this is not a theory of a prior accretion occupying an RP, the soul (NA) is entirely as created as anyother accretion. The giving of the RP its name normally forms the seed for the NA. The sense of autonomy is usually localised largely in this accretion. The vector that is the RP is just capable of producing NA’s.

The Narp is not intended as an anti-humanist construct per se. What it does though is create a concept that includes humans (and possibly other similar vectors). ‘Human’ is an accretion, formed by our use relation to the restraints that vector displays. In both its magickal and non-magickal interpretations the Narp displays the kind of entity that we are as having a self but only one that is entirely contingent. This does not align the concept to any political accretion as such or deny its affective capacities. In some ways it is as reinforcing to a humanism as it is possible to be. There is a human, but it is a human accretion attached to the vector. This is the only thing it could ever mean. There is a self, but it is a self [neurotic] accretion. This is also the only thing it could ever mean. The disentangling from the RP capacities of the NA strongly suggest its spirit like nature (which under one interpretation are true), this though does not entail it is a divine spirit, teleologically bound to some spiritual purpose. It is just a contingently formed accretion that can uncouple from its umbratic birth place -no further metaphysical statements are grounded.

We are all Narps. But Narps are also agents. The autonomy of the Narp is limited. Whilst the RP is primarily controlled by the NA there are in any given Narp many other accretions vying for control. The Narp’s hobbies, the Narp’s job, the Narp’s favourite TV show etc, all these provide powerful pneumious forces that try to take over the Narp. Of course other than in the vector we call ‘mental illness’ usually the NA stays in control, but even then, although as central concept it maintains control, because it is largely empty of any particular pneuminous-content other than a name and certain proclivities, it is actually working as an agent for these other accretions. This is the reason for another CEO phrase:

‘Who are you working for?’

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