NARP (Notes on Magick and the Self).

The question has been raised before as to whether or not the notion of a Narp is tied to a particular manifestation. I think the answer is probably yes, with the caveat that the Narp notion is compatible with more than one manifestation. The Narp notion is certainly against there being an essential subject of any kind. However, under the magick-obtains arm of the agnostic disjunction the Narp is more than simply anti-essentialist in implication, it is something like an anti-essential essentialism or what we might equally call a contingent essence.

To explain this we need to go through the mechanics of pneuminous accretive theory in it is strong form (magick-obtains). This entails that the accretions that have conscious awareness of other accretions (Narps) do not just experience them but are also creating them by a strange doubling process. The idea goes that we have what is called the vector field, which is disclosed by an epoche like action to show the possibility that everything immanent to awareness could be conceived of without the concept (pneuminous accretion) attached to it. We name the regions of the vector field, desk, chair, cup etc (and also pure pneuminous elements but that’s not for here) through their use. If they can fulfil the use they can take the name. The image of the thing coupled with the use, accrete to create the accretion of ‘what the thing looks like’. This forms a kind of contingent archetype in the pneuma. So now there are two levels of pneuma: the vector field (which is like a pure pneuminous potential) and the accretive level where the concept is actually formed. The accretion though, through the Narp, is fed back literally into the vector field which makes the vector actually be that concept. Remember the vector region by itself is nothing. It has capacities to be called something according to the social rules. This says though that the social rules are not just naming vectors they are also constraining them. They make the vector capacity to be a pen more into a pen. The pen accretion is separable from the pen vector. Applying the pen to the pen potential vector makes it more pen like.

Below the vector field is the umbra, the umbra is the constraints of the world, completely unperceivable it is only known through the restraints we experience. The umbratic is largely in charge of the pneuma but there is some movement the other way. This movement is magick. Naming the pen capable vector the ‘pen’ is a magickal act. It’s just that any alteration is invisible as the concept applied to the pen-vector is just supposed to be a description and not an alteration. All it does in this instance is make the pen vector slightly more pen accretion like.

The contingent essence of the Narp is related to the insofar as the Narp is [usually] given a name. The name of the Narp accretes. This is called the self or the Neurotic Accretion. The self is contingent insofar as (preestalished harmony considerations aside) it could have been otherwise, it could have had a different name and it could have had different experiences. However the above mechanics of pneuma dictate that the name of the Narp is not just a use term. The name of the Narp has an accretion built around it which inhabits the vector (the regional processor). This means that the social interpretation of a Narp as a named entity forms an accretion that is fed back into the vector and makes the vector more like the accretion. The NA is formed from its self-perception and from the other Narp’s perception. The negotiation between these powers (varying in different Narp-Narp relations) results in an NA which is taken to be real and in some sense necessary. Indeed in a common understanding of mental health we do experience a relatively coherent sense of self (and incoherent coherence). The negotiation between the NA itself and external Narps will have the same effect as in the pen case. A certain agreement about what the NA is like will be established and this accreted concept will be fed back onto it to actually constrain it to the perceptions that come from itself and the external Narps. This bound NA of being a certain kind is the sense of ‘who I am’, apparently satisfying and potentially feeling like a discovery of ‘me’ but actually completely contingent.

The magick-obtains arm would dictate that, whilst this is contingent it is also to many intents and purposes as real as any soul theory.The NA is a spirit in a RP, it can exit the RP under certain circumstances and potentially even survive the death of the RP, though it has been formed thoroughly by the relation to the RP -an as such will usually have the image of the RP in its make-up. This notion does of course raise the potential of a contingent kind of reincarnation. A kind that might happen accidentally by a fully formed NA occupying a new RP rather than the ordinary process of a new NA being formed. Clearly this is speculation, though it follows the logic of the magick-obtains arm without committing to any particular magickal system/ontology.

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