Writing opportunity for Parasol 4 (Ship of Theseus)

Last year the CEO worked on a small project with the university of Lincoln Architecture dept to commission a piece of work based on the ‘Ship of Theseus’ paradox (as to whether or not the ship is still the real one  if all the pieces of the  ship are slowly replaced until no original pieces remain). The result was a kind of light box that produces a transforming image on the screen. The transformation is brought about the twisting a handle within that rotates a several pieces of wood. This produces two coherent image points (in shadow) with incoherent stages in between.

We would like to make a short issue of Parasol in conjunction with this creation. Pieces of work could be novel kinds of reflection upon the paradox. Poetry, artwork,  theory-fiction and fiction would all be considered. Extra points go to an actual consideration of the piece itself (more video footage information available upon request) though this is not necessary.

Anyone interested please write to ceo47@outlook.com or tweet/dm @23ceo47

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